Anonymous said: your new haircut😍


Anonymous said: Bella will slowly realise she let the good one go


Anonymous said: What you doing right now?

On the way to my friends

Anonymous said: You shouldn't be so nice, don't forget she broke your heart Ben

You’re probably right. Think it’s time to just delete tumblr.

Anonymous said: I hope Bella gets fcked over massively then shell see she lost u for no reason

Nah, she doesn’t deserve that. We were both massive dicks to eachother, it’s put me off a relationship for a while. Trust me she deserves the best.

Anonymous said: Why did it hurt so much when you broke up with Bella? You're a gorgeous guy you'll have plenty of ladies on your arm!

Because I lost my best friend. Sad not having someone to talk to every day and to put you at ease with words over the phone, I told her everything. I naively thought I was going to marry her (don’t laugh) so I invested so much time & effort into the relationship and forgot about myself. It’s broke me, but I’m slowly building myself up and I’ll be okay. Thanks anyway.

hilariouskoalas said: press the 'gear wheel' or whatever it's called and if you scroll down just a little it says 'ask' and 'allow anonymous questions' - hope everything is going alright x

I presume that’s on the computer because I can’t find it on my iphone! X

Anonymous said: Hey. I was thinking about something - maybe it would be a good idea for you to turn off the anon questions for a while and maybe it will help you to move on (even more) people nagging and getting involved in stuff they shouldnt be involved in. Take care beautiful x

That’s a good idea. How do you do that? Thanks x

Anonymous said: Do you love Bella? It must hurt to see her move on or "move in" however you see it fake or not

I’ll love her for a while, I hope she is happy cos she’s had some shit times. She deserves someone special. Obviously I hate her for breaking my heart but we had some good times. Time to move on with my life!

Anonymous said: You should make up with Isabella. You're both being so stupid, just be a man and talk to her!

It’s not meant to be there’s no point forcing it, if you guys could see her private you’d understand. It’s done, it’s cool leave it.