The only thing stopping me is the thought of how sad my mum would be.
When she sends you a random booty pic out of no where

jesuisbalint said: If you love that girl and she loves you back. You should work it out together. It depends on you to decide whether you wanna be together forever and all that shit. You have to accept her flaws and madness. And she has to do the same. If it's dead, then end it. But you won't find the perfect one. You just have to decide which one is yours. Just saying brah. Take care

It’s already over. I’d make it work if I thought there was the slightest chance, I’ve tried too many times. Each day it gets easier so I’m moving on with no regrets :)

Anonymous said: All you and Bella do is moan about eachother. You're clearly not happy, it just sounds like you're both too scared to properly end things. Don't continue to be in a relationship where you're not happy, it's the biggest waste of time and you'll regret it so much later.

You’re exactly right.